Saturday, March 12, 2016

Houston Area Yearbook Series: Amusement Parks and Playgrounds

Surprisingly, our largest playground, Astroworld, did not feature prominently in photos in the 1969 or 1970s books after its opening. The usually practice of staging photographs in free places was obviously the prohibitive factor, but I was surprised not to see at least a snapshot or two turning up. 

Here's what I found, typically without caption and no clue as to whether these amusement rides were long-standing places or month-long carnivals.

1946 Lamar

1947 Alvin

1950 Pasadena

Series from 1953 San Jacinto:

1957 Bellaire

1961 Bellaire

Series from 1965 Baytown:

1966 Davis

1967 Bellaire

1967 Texas City

A series from 1969 Rayburn

The lone Astroworld ride photo:

1969 Spring Branch

1969 Spring Woods

1969 Sterling

1969 Sterling

1970 Baytown series

1970 Dobie (carnival in parking lot of Almeda mall, spring)

1971 South Houston series

1972 Pasadena

free photo at Astroworld outside the gates! But on the fold, sigh. 1972 South Houston

1973 Bellaire

1973 Conroe

1973 Dobie

1975 Dobie

1977 Rayburn

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