Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pipe Organ Pizza,Gulf Freeway, Houston

This may be just a place holder for a while. I'm on the hunt for Pipe Organ Pizza photos but haven't had any luck yet. I want to say it was at the southeast corner of Monroe & I-45.

I did find a pizza menu filed 12/19/77 here, out of New York, but under the same company name.

And the Houston company information here. They filed in 1981 and were in tax forfeiture in 2000. 

This photo is from a Pipe Organ Pizza place in Washington, but it comes as close as I can get to what the wall once looked like inside of ours.

The only photo I own is a sad little scratched up part of a Polaroid from around 1982 when my parents and my friend Julie went to Pipe Organ for my birthday. You can see the pizzas and the pitcher of root beer, but sadly none of the actual restaurant. 

The hunt continues. 

And my list of things to search for on the trip next month grows more exciting!


  1. Yes, I think it was at Monroe. Wasn't there an El Torito Mexican Restaurant right there too? Anyway- that photo of the other Pipe Organ Pizza location looks just like how I remember the one in Houston. Only went there a couple of times, but once my mother asked the organist to play "That Phantom of the Opera" song. He had no idea she was talking about Toccata and Fugue in d minor.

  2. i have a matchbook from here. i remember it clearly. i remember the long hallway to get into the place, with the universal horror pictures along the hallway wall. all of it.

  3. Yes it was under the freeway on Monroe from the Airport. I lived by there and ate there often. Wish I had thought to take a photo. Will search my matchbook collection and see if I have some.

  4. We lived in the Houston Pearland area till 85. I know I have pictures of this place as I was just a kid