Friday, May 25, 2018

July 1978 Baybrook Mall Opens

In May 1978, the Leader ran this aerial of the new mall opening just down the road from the South Belt. Baybrook's arrival put Almeda Mall on notice that they were in for some stiff competition.

July 26, 1978 the Galveston Daily News ran a large spread covering the opening. The following photos are pulled from microfilm (I would guess) and are therefore pretty poor quality, but they are all we have for the moment.

a year later, with Hurricane Allen's approach, the Leader ran a photo of an empty mall parking lot at Baybrook

(August 1980)

Historic Images had a couple of photographs from the Chronicle for sale on ebay, including this entrance photo (compared to the microfilm above, actual detail!)

A piece on its first Christmas season:

And from the Macy's opening in 1985:

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church

As I was putting the "This is South Belt 1978" post together, I realized I had collected precious few photos of St. Luke's on  Hall Rd. that has been a staple in the community since they were formed in 1975.

Their building dedication happened in 1979, but the architect for the building was named in 1976, and construction began back in 1977. They moved in June 10, 1979.

A Google search was not turning up much in terms of the building as it stood in the late 70s, so I contacted Marie asking if she could locate anything additional and voila! I suddenly can do a decent post with tons of great photos of the construction!




The following are pages are from a PDF of the 25th Anniversary of the Church with lots of info

Additional scans from the Leader