Saturday, March 12, 2016

Houston Area Yearbook Series: Almeda / Northwest Mall

Almeda and her twin, Northwest Mall, turn up in quite a few books in 1969 and following. It's primarily the center court, but a few worked their way over to the Foley's shoe ship for good measure. 

Here are a few favorites:

1969 Dobie

1969 Dobie

a series from 1969 Houston High:

My absolute favorite, from Milby 1969 in living color:

1969 Pasadena

1969 South Houston

A series used as chapter covers from Texas City, 1970:

1970 Waltrip

1971 Dobie

1971 Rayburn

1971 Reagan

1972 Reagan

1973 Dobie

1975 South Houston

1975 Pasadena

1975 Pasadena

1978 Rayburn
(The play area in front of the Doktor's Pet Center was converted to less dangerous animal statues to climb on around 1976.)

1978 Rayburn

1978 Rayburn, at the Gold Mine Arcade

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