Saturday, November 8, 2014

Dobie Band, Fall 1987

1987 Summer Band

Freshman Dress-Up Day

Full Disclosure: I have absolutely NO memory of taking these photographs, but apparently I did. Jason Rodriguez took over a historian by the time school started and I must've given him what rolls I'd shot.

This was Ken Wright's first year at Dobie, which is never easy on seniors who've gotten used to someone else over three years, and I'm sure being a hormonal teenager didn't help, but the two of us did not get along from the start. I played the oboe; my counterpart who played the bassoon had been excused from marching, to practice for UIL all semester. My suggestion, since there are also no oboe parts in a marching band and they really didn't need another flute (which I picked up my freshman year) was that I just work as band photographer at practices and games, which would allow me to keep my job as well as contribute to the band sans-oboe in the fall semester. He said I would march or quit. Since that job was going to help me pay for my summer trip to Europe after graduation, and I had also taken on a spot in Academic Decathlon, I cut band loose. Luckily, Mr. Golenko took me on as a teaching assistant, mainly so he could make me study for Decathlon more, to replace the sudden hole in my schedule. It didn't quite make up for the hole in my psyche. I'd never missed a game in my first three years, but I was too stubborn and bitter to attend a single game my senior year. I was a dumb teenager, what can I say? So it made my heart a little glad to get to see the photos below, especially those of Marty, after more than 25 years.

(sorry, David!)

Jason had taken a page from my predecessor April, who was Historian for several years, and scrapped these into an industrial sized binder with about two dozen tiny little rings (those were fun to take out and replace, page by page, lemme tell ya), with a heavy wood-worked cover. The glue on the backs wasn't going anywhere, so in a lot of these, you'll see the glued overlap of another photo I couldn't crop without losing a lot of the main photo. The size also made it nearly impossible to scan without having to go over the same page at different angle four times. If you see a duplicate, it's because I didn't catch that I'd already scanned it on the round before.

Quarter page example of one page in the book:

Marching in the Strawberry Festival

Cathi, that eyeball inside an eyeball is freaking me out a bit.

my first thought seeing this was that'd be an automatic suspension these days!

Half the seniors were on flags and rifles!

Footnote: David Scott was standing at my homeroom door at the start of the Spring semester asking if I would return for the Concert season. That was a bit of validation, no?

But there don't appear to have been any photos taken in the spring, and the mystery of all the other previous scrapbooks that were carefully shelved on the Band library in the old Dobie bandhall remains. The one I created, my junior year, as well as April's gigantic masterpieces, and books before her were all there.  I can't believe they'd have been trashed, but they did not get unpacked in the move to the new high school building. I want to believe, sort of like the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, they're in some wooden crate in a dark storehouse, pristine and waiting to be discovered.

However, we have no Top Men working on it right now.


  1. I immediately did not get along with Ken Wright either.

  2. Great job, Tori. I love all the familiar faces and THE HAIR!!!