Sunday, November 9, 2014

11/9 On this date, 1977

Junior Cowboys are Champs

The Junior Cowboys ended regular play undefeated, with only 12 points scored against them. They will compete in a bowl game Saturday, November 19, at Sugarland. Members of the team are, left to right, front row: Ray Kim, Mark Cruz, Art Newbould, Dennis Smith, Joe Ditta, Michael Colmenro, Kenneth Hurn, Larry Horton, secondrow: Kevin Murphy, Joey Olivarez, Eric Holman, Tommy Hulsey, Mike Upshaw, Donald Palmer, Davy FLickinger, Chris Broussard; third row: Chris Mejia, Tim Hardcastle, Keith Wyman, Leif Daddow, David Pickren, Randy Rhoades, Kevin Perkins, John Kennedy; back row: Sharon Smith, assistant team mother, Jackie Murphy, head coach; Branda Murphy, assistant team mother; James Broussard, offense coach; Jack Pickren, Cowboy President; Joe Olivarez, defense coach; Tom Hulsey, defense coach and Gerry Cole, offense coach.

Freshman Cowboys are champs

The Freshman Cowboys will play for the Bay Area Football league in the bowl game at Sugarland on November 19. The team went undefeated through the entire season, including pre-season games. Member of the team are: bottom row, left to right, Donnie Coleman, Brett Morris, Tony Timmons, Tommy Silva, Raul Garza, Bobby Fisher, Darryl Newton, Tony Berg. (3rd row from top) Bill Romere, Bryan Wilkers, Duane Morgan, Russell Cook, Steve Braun, Bryon Morgan, Bryan Foxworthy, Chris Collins (2nd row) Chris Booker, Kevin Peterson, Scott Nicholson, Jonathan Gibbs, Giles Lamont, Sam Ditta, Matt Ferguson, Jason Botkin, King Hodson. Top row: Assistant Coaches  Jim Hodson and Tony Silva, Team mother Linda Botkin, Head Coach Dennis Collins, Assistant Coach Lee Foxworthy.

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