Tuesday, July 18, 2017

South Belt Spot: The Sagemont Pool

The Sagemont Recreation Center Pool at 11400 Hughes Road once had membership dues, from the late 60s when it opened until 1983 when the city of Houston took it over.

Our first found photo of the place is from The NEWS in 1975 (Marie took the photo). For the next decade, there was usually at least one photo at the pool in the summer months featured in the paper.

Memorial Day 1975



I'm looking at the "high" dive here and I'm quite certain that it was 100 times taller in my childhood memory. 


Michelle and Matt showing off swim lesson ribbons

from the ground, across the street at Stuchbery fields, you can see the pool house on the left, as well as the old Safeway, Eckerds, Vaudeville, Ron's, Fasion Optical, and 7-11 signs dotting Hughes Rd.

1978 is the oldest aerial available via Google Earth

Kids who spent their summers at Sagemont Pool also usually remember going across the street to grab something to eat, either from Ron's, or the Snack Shack, or the 7-11




In 1983 the pool became free to the public




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  1. We spent almost every afternoon at the pool. The picture of the swim team has my son's name wrong: it's Christian Haley, not Christina. Marianne and Kathleen were also on the swim team several years. My husband was treasurer and Bob Meyers was president when the pool was given to the city of Houston. It wasn't an active club at the time, they were just the holdovers taking care of the business required.