Thursday, July 6, 2017

South Belt Spot: C&D Burger

So many of our South Belt spots are nothing but memories. 

But today's entry is still going strong!

The opening of C&D Burger Shoppe in 1981 was the culmination of Mr. Joe Craddock's rise from clerk at 7-11, to Mrs. Baird's Bread (who had been delivering to 7-11), to Dairy Queen (who also took deliveries from Mrs. Baird's). With DQ he climbed from manager to district to division management positions before buying 22 franchises around the south Houston area, including the ones on Fuqua and Scarsdale. He sold off the franchises but when the new owner of Fuqua decided to shut it down, he bought it to turn into C&D Burger Shoppe. They opened in July 1981

The first mention is in the Leader's August 19, 1981 edition, with a large ad featuring their menu

(note: they had Sunday hours at first and those didn't return for decades)

Two years later, Hurricane Alicia spawned a tornado that zig-zagged down Fuqua and tore through the shop. Customers showed up to help with the clean up, and Joe fired up the grille to feed them all.


One of those shirts has hung in the shop since then. (Although on my last visit in May, I didn't spot it.)

Joe and his family were tireless supporters of the community, of the people (so many Dobie students) in the neighborhood who worked for him for years, of local kids' sports teams, and the schools. He had an ad in the Dobie yearbooks from 1982 on. 

in 1989, the story and the photo was about the crazy construction on Fuqua. 
But there's C&D's marquee, advertising Moore Elementary's Spring Carnival.

 Joe was in a few of the later yearbook ads. 

The ones that ran in the early 00s featured him and his son, David, who now runs the shop.

Joe passed in 2013

C&D continues his family legacy. If you're in the neighborhood, please stop by for a great burger and some hometown nostalgia.

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