Sunday, February 5, 2017

South Belt Press Video Series Part 2: 1976

In 1976 Marie Flickinger and Bobby Griffin started a little paper out of their houses, which they called the South Belt Press. 

The paper would go by this name until 1978,  Volume 3, No. 38, when it became the South Belt Leader due to a contractual agreement with their former printer after they switched to a new printer.  They were excited to announce along with the name change, they would soon be moving into their own offices!

In 1987, to reflect the larger area they served, the paper would change its name once again, to the South Belt - Ellington Leader. 

At the very start, the ladies would paste up photos and news stories on the dining room table before sending their weekly copy out to a printing press that was the old hot lead linotype machine that cast the stories into metal before pressing them onto the page. The paper came on Wednesdays then. 

Their first issue of the South Belt Press was published on February 5, 1976. It is fitting then, that this video post debuts on the Archive 2/5/2017.

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