Saturday, February 4, 2017

South Belt News Video Series Part 1: 1975

This is Part of 1 of a series brought to you by the South Belt Houston Digital History Archive.

In 1975 South Belt - Ellington Leader publisher Marie Flickinger was contracted to write and photograph the local news for publication in an offshoot edition of the Friendswood Paper, The News a local paper which had been covering the Friendswood community since 1970.

The growth of the South Belt area, the collective term Marie chose for her own paper in 1976, encompassed Sagemont, Kirkwood, Beverly Hills, and Gulfport Meadows in 1975.

These 40+ year old newspapers are kept in filing cabinets at the South Belt - Ellington Leader offices to this day.

In 2014 I began scanning photographs and headlines from them, as well as matching up the original black and white prints that were elsewhere among the stacks.

The work continues.

But in celebration of the South Belt Leader's anniversary this weekend, moving into her 42nd year of covering the news in the South Belt Houston area since the inaugural edition appeared February 5, 1976, the current digitized collection is being presented here, as a continuing series.

Publication of Part 1 in the Series, 1975, uploaded 2/4/2017.

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  1. I love coming here and seeing what's new (or I guess, 'old'). Do you have any Friendswood stuff? I'd love to see that.