Friday, June 20, 2014

1975-76 "Lenient" Hair and Dress Code Passed by PISD

Last Thursday the Pasadena Independent School District Board approved a lenient dress code to be put into effect for students beginning with the 1975-76 school year. The new code puts the responsibility on interpretation upon the principals of each school.

Board member, Harvey Turner, of the policy committee, which drew up the new dress code, stated that, "It was only after a great deal of soul searching and under duress because of the Heath Education and Welfare's Title IX guideline that the policy committee has submitted this more relaxed and grooming policy."

Title IX is the Health, Education, and Welfare's interpretation of the Civil Rights act. HEW was charged with interpreting the Civil Rights Act so that guidelines could be issued for purposes of enforcement. Final drafting of the interpretation which was signed by the President in June, and approved by Congress went into effect this month. Title IX states, "All schools must threat the admitted students without determination on the basis of sex."

The PISD faces the loss of 1.5 million dollars of federal per year if it does not comply with the guidelines set down by Title IX,

The new policy makes no dress or grooming stipulations according to sex, and will allow for girls to wear pants, and boys to wear long hair. Revealing garments, and see through blouses, will not permitted. Appropriate foundation garments, and/or undergarments, must be worn at all times. Under this section of the policy, girls are required to wear bras.

Enforcement of the dress and grooming policy will be left to the discretion of the principal, and assistant principal, of each individual school.

These principals will also have the right to appraise any current fashion or fad to determine whether it is appropriate or inappropriate for school wear. The school will have the right to ask students to change their attire if it of such a nature that it is considered to provoke unfavorable comment.

Students who disregard the dress and grooming policy will be considered insubordinate and will be subject to disciplinary action. Regarding hair, the new policy states "that it must be near, clean, and well-groomed. NO type of head covering, cap or hat is to be worn.  Head bands, hair rollers, or long handled combs may not be worn in the hair. 

The allowable length of sideburns has been extended to the bottom of the ear. Sideburns are to be kept neatly trimmed and flares at the bottom of the sideburns are not allowed. 

The wearing of mustaches and beards is not acceptable. 

The dress section of the policy covering both boys and girls states that "pants must be full length. Hip huggers, shorts, or halters are not acceptable. Belts are to be worn with pants designed for belts. Slit garments are not acceptable. All shirts and blouses with rounded tails which are designed to be worn inside shall be worn inside the pants or skirts at all times, and must be buttoned within one button of the throat. Tank tops or tee shirts are not to be worn as outer garments. Blouses or shirts that are lower in the back than the bottom of the armpit are not acceptable."

The midriff must not be exposed when a student goes through the normal activities of a school day (bending, stretching reaching, etc.) Unofficial military jackets, sweaters, skirts or pants are not considered appropriate school attire. Garments with inappropriate decorations or advertisements are not acceptable.

The American Flag is not to be worn as an article of clothing. Sun glasses are not allowed to be worn in the school building. 

Elementary school students will be not be permitted to wear clogs or to use any types of cosmetics, including mascara, or fingernail polish.

Any medical exceptions to be made to the dress and grooming policy must be made by the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, or Principal, upon certification from the family medical doctor of the students, and if deemed necessary, by school officials, the school's medical doctor, certifying that the students has a physical deformity or abnormality and that compliance with the rules will be detrimental to the physical health of the students. 

Members of the policy committee stressed that it is the responsibility of the parents and the students to comply with school rules and regulations concerning dress and grooming standards. 

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