Thursday, May 8, 2014

South Belt Beverly Hills Little League Ball Fields

I had a request from a reader about photos from the early days of the SBHLL.

In the early days of the Leader, Little League was one of the biggest topics. The community had been told that their occupation of the fields along the South Belt corner of the Gulf Freeway was going on long enough that the owner was getting worried about legal claims regarding the use of the property. 

This appears to be the removal of something from the original fields (Gulf Freeway in background)

So work began in 1975 to construct the fields 

More than 100 people, including 11 Sea-Bees showed up to work on the new baseball fields off Choate road this past Saturday, and approximately 40 people, including the Sea-Bees, worked on Sunday. 

Due to this response, the fields, which as of Saturday morning was flat ground, now have 41 light poles with all available fixtures attached. Some fixtures, lost on the way to Houston, will have to be mounted at a later date.

Besides the large turnout of men, the work which was done was largely credited to the skilled and able assistance of the Sea-Bees, under the direction of C.P.O Ikecher. The Sea-Bees, who have done similiar work previously, were able, with the assistance of Sagemont Little League people, to set all 41 light poles for the four fields by Saturday evening. 

Sunday, back stop poles were set for all four fields, the light poles secured, and conductors set for two fields. Not to be outdone by the work the men were doing, the women did their part by donating enough food and coffee to keep the hungry men fed. [Editor's note: And yes. That last sentence makes me crazy.]

 Photos found from the above stories (all 1975) and a few others, not certain ever published:

Oh, yeah. This one above was definitely published, I remember smirking when I saw it the first time. "Look at the little lady trying to do a man's work, yuk yuk yuk." This was posted from the paper back in February and I couldn't resist a comment then, either. Sorry, I am a product of my times as much as they were of theirs.

In line at the concession stand

Opening day, year unknown

I'd posted earlier this year on the very first photo in the South Belt Press that was Little League related here. I found the 5x7 glossy this time around:

(1000th sign up)

There was also a post about opening day festivities in 1977, and I came across that glossy as well. This was not taken at the fields, however.

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