Friday, May 9, 2014

Revisiting 1970

When I started the blog back in the Fall of 2013 after my first trip to the area on the hunt for photographs of my childhood home, the Leader offices were teeming with wonderful things, but nothing prior to 1975.

The only place I've been able to pin down photographs of South Belt prior to that is from the Dobie Yearbooks, which have also been a goldmine. I returned to Dobie on this most recent trip to look again, although I never have as much time as I'd like. On the original trip, though, I was gifted four older albums that had been tucked away in the Leader filing cabinets but, thanks to flying on the cheap, I never had room to get them back home for a longer, closer reading. Nine months later, they've arrived (thank you Steph!) and I've begun pouring over them again.

The oldest is 1970, which is the year I was born. It was the second yearbook for Dobie High.

Here is the original post of the 1970 book.

I still cannot get over the organization (by your astrological sun sign) or of the heft of this edition. It's still printed in the smaller page style due to the limitations of the printers of 1970, but it is nearly 500 pages long.

I noted one photo in the above post as  "Unknown Amusement Park" underneath one of the photos there.

But with closer inspection, I'm really curious about this amusement park.

Because you can see it from the parking lot of Dobie. That's generally in the direction where the Beverly Hills Park and Pool should be.

Was this a traveling thing that was just there for a short time? Because it made it into a number of shots.

Edited to add: thanks to the power of social media, I heard from several people who remember this place. It had set up shop in the south portion of the Almeda Mall lot nearest Penney's that Spring. If you look closer, you can see the mall building to the left of the Ferris wheel.

The class favorites went over for their pictures:

Other scans this time around that didn't get done the first time through:

The front and back inner pages of the book

why putting a single photo across the fold never works well
And check out the cheerleading uniforms.

Group photo at Almeda Mall

The initiation beanies and pranks were still around

And the FFA was men only

Roundup Staff and Teacher 1970

I dunno, I just like how big the bowling league was and that it was co-ed. 
Most of the athletics section of the book is devoted to the guys and their sports
There was very little in the way of girls sports offerings. It was a few years before Title IX.

it's a Snoopy cake!

THIS is the photo you choose for your ad? This was the BEST you could do? Really?

And finally, I had to laugh at the future freshman observing the Dobie Marching Band...
(these photos were miles apart in the book, but this is definitely the same kid and the same day.)

the BAND, riiiiight.


  1. LOL about the kid watching "the band." Excellent post, tons of great pics. No idea what the amusement park could be though.

    1. Editing this morning: apparently a travelling amusement park made its home in the Spring of 1970 on the south end of Almeda's parking lot, J.C. Penney end. My navigation/map/angle spotting was way off in terms of thinking the mall shouldn't be visible from the Dobie parking lot but, pre-trees and buildings, it certainly was!