Monday, May 12, 2014

Simpler Times

That same year Hugh Tosteson of San Juan won the 1975 National Bee with the word "incisor"
Having studied the for the Bee in the past decade (and performing abysmally), these seemed a lot like that Nadia gymnastics performance of 1976. Any current gymnast would smirk at the "difficulty" of her routine today. 

The past 10 years worth of winning words
2003 pococurante
2005 appoggiatura
2006 Ursprache
2007 serrefine
2008 guerdon
2009 Laodicean
2010 stromuhr
2012 guetapens
2013 knaidel

And in the category of things they don't even HAVE anymore...

But that's not true! I looked it up and there is actually a World Slide Rule Championship!

The things you learn just doing this blog.

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