Saturday, March 1, 2014

1976 Summer Flooding

Of course, none of us ever gave a thought about the chemicals leaching into the ground and flood waters. We'd keep an eye out for water moccasins, though. Otherwise, sail away!

The Sagepark home of the Pennington's was struck by lightning during the same storms that caused the flooding in late June 1976. 

It would be scenes like these that sparked the Leader to begin pushing for better drainage ditches and flood mitigation in the area, running stories and publishing which candidates had shown an interest in helping the area out of its soggy problem. But it would take years to alleviate the worst of the problem in our neighborhoods. Hurricanes and Tropical Storms in the new few years would underscore the need for massive changes in flood mitigation.


  1. Wasn't there some flooding in the city around the 14th of June in 1976? Or was it in 1977? The Rice campus had some heavy damage, but the flooding was relatively local.