Friday, September 1, 2017

Move Over Harvey, It's Marie's Birthday

What do you plan to do the week of your 75th birthday?

I doubt Marie had on her birthday bucket list to open a shelter for over 1300 people at Dobie High School, but in the panic of rising flood water around midnight Saturday that's exactly what she did.

And since then, even though I am 1000 miles away, I know she's been tirelessly working for the South Belt community as they rode out the endless week of destruction. The Red Cross never really showed up to bring the promised help. But the South Belt community stepped in and took care of their own. Marie is one of the primary catalysts for that, time and again, across decades.

The Leader managed to put out the paper in a single day so they could showcase photos of the community coming together.  Click here for today's Hurricane Harvey Issue. There isn't a single picture of her, because she was too busy for any of that. (And she was out taking some of the photos herself!) I did manage to find a Facebook Live video as they were wrapping up the Dobie operation. 

So today, on her birthday,  I want her to know she is deeply loved and appreciated by so many of us South Belt residents, past and present.  We love you Marie! Happy Birthday!

Last year, I'd put together some favorite photos I'd unearthed of her over the years. 
You can see that post here.

But since then, I've found a "few" more from my 2017 trips!







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