Sunday, May 14, 2017

South Belt Spot: New Vaudeville Pizza House Collection

Over the three and a half years of the South Belt Digital Archive's existence, we've done a smattering of posts that included Vaudeville Pizza, typically in the chronological order of the year they appeared in the South Belt Leader.

We are trying something new as summer approaches by pulling together all the scans we've amassed thus far into a "super post" with the hopes people who see it will reach out to share their own photographs or memorabilia of the featured South Belt Spot to grow and expand our holdings.

Our first South Belt Spot featured: New Vaudeville Pizza House.

(If there was an Old Vaudeville, it clearly couldn't have been as good.)

Marie tells the story that in their earliest years, Vaudeville was often a place she and Bobby would call their office, and word got around that if you were trying to reach the South Belt Press ladies, you could probably call over to Vaudeville and find them, or just leave a message for when they came in.

Vaudeville Pizza was at Hughes Road, sandwiched for many years between Safeway and Eckerd Drugs. It opened in 1974 and stayed in business through most of the 1980s, after Sagemont Baptist Church Youth had moved into the Safeway next door.

In the first hours that I posted a question about which South Belt spots would make our readers' top-ten list of most-nostalgic, at least a third of respondents include Vaudeville Pizza.

It was a place for thousands of South Belt kids' birthdays, for scout troops' visits to the kitchen to make their own pizzas, for groups to meet after all variety of sports games, for awards ceremonies. The list is endless.

Surely some readers out there have photos from some of these visits? Please, please share!!

For now, here is what we've got. Some are nothing more than a glimpse of the sign.


(this is No-No)

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