Saturday, December 3, 2016

1979 Texas Commerce Bank Snow Festival Begins

1979: Future Home of Texas Commerce Bank put on a snow show that would continue through the mid-80s. It was held on Saturday, December 19.

I KNOW my readers out there attended this thing. And I KNOW there are photographs lurking in many of their parents' homes of this event, because all the adults brought along a camera for the one time of the year they could get their kids' pictures with "Snow." But the photo above is the only one I have that wasn't among the Leader files. (Thank you Roeder family)

If you are reading this and you remember attending and photographs taken, PLEASE take a moment this holiday to see if you can locate and share them!

(note all the home builders' signs at the Hughes/Sabo intersection)


 Published December 19, 1982

Published Dec. 22, 1983

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