Wednesday, December 28, 2016

1979 Sabo Rd, I-10 Link Announced

The Highway Department plans to build a pair of three lane feeder roads from Sabo Road (at the Safeway Shopping Center) to the Ship Channel (where the Turnpike Association is to construct a bridge) and then connect to IH 10 (Beaumont Highway) . . . . 

The entire project is expected to be completed by 1984. . . .

Local right of way will include an area approximately 1200 feet from the present intersection of the Gulf Freeway and South Belt, towards both the north and the south. 

All four service stations, Texaco, Sagemont Shell, Exxon and the Gulf Station are located within the area to be taken for right of way.

Both Texas Commerce Bank, and a shopping center to be built by Schneider and Moore Properties fell victims to the State's plans. . . .

Texas Commerce Bank has changed its construction site to the property located behind the Safeway Shopping Center. Indications are that Schneider and Moore will locate near the original site but out of the right of way.

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