Monday, March 14, 2016

Houston Area Yearbook Series: Photos to 1939

Books prior to 1940 are few and far between and those available are, as the times dictated, short on photos. But here is the snapshot of a Houston just before and through the Great Depression years.

From 1927 Sam Houston High School

 1930 Davis High School

1932 San Jacinto High

in 1933 Walter Cronkite was a graduating senior!

1934 Anahuac

1935 San Jacinto

1938 S.F. Austin High

1938 Mirabeau B. Lamar High School

1939 Alvin High School

this was Alvin high school in 1938, published in 1939 
with a note it has been built in 1910 and razed the summer of 1938

And this is the new High School. . . . I kind of liked the old one better!

but they did get a new Administration buidling, 
as well as an auditorium and cafeteria (which served all grades, K-12)
Love the cafeteria ceiling.


1939 Austin

(1939 Baytown)

1939 Sam Houston High

Is there anyone left in the school not in this Coronation?

1939 Lamar

One of the earliest yearbooks that had a Hollywood celebrity of the day, in this case, Tyrone Power, choose the most beautiful girls from all the head shots submitted. In later years, this will be accompanied with the star's autographed head shot to be published alongside the letter.

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