Saturday, March 12, 2016

Houston Area Yearbook Series: Old Tech

This is one of the smaller categories, but as I was scrolling through thousands of pages, every now and then old tech would jump out at me and I couldn't pass it by. Oftentimes, I woudn't be completely sure what it was I was looking at, but there would be so many cool knobs and dials, I'd be entranced. And cameras. Gargantuan cameras. And a room-sized computer or two.

1948 Alvin

1949 S.F. Austin

1951 Davis

1953 S.F. Austin

1956 Pasadena

1958 Clear Creek

1961 Jones

1962 Baytown (only refrigerators seem to be getting larger, all other tech shrinks)

1963 Baytown

1963 Pasadena

1964 Pasadena

1965 South Houston

1967 Bellaire

1967 Bellaire

1967 South Houston

1968 Alvin

1968 Memorial

1972 South Houston

1974 S.F. Austin

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