Saturday, February 20, 2016

Some Things Never Change

Over on the South Belt Houston History Facebook page, I've spent the past month uploading photos into albums by year. There are now albums from the 50s (early SE Houston photos) to 1997. Each year, all the scans from the South Belt Leader as well as the yearbook would go in. 

1997 was the cut-off year, as the Beltway was finally completed at the end of that year. 

But the yearbook schedule overlaps, so that things happening in 1987 get published in the 1988 book. 

Which left me with the 1998 yearbook. 

It has half of its photos from 1997, and, when I took a look at it, trying to decide whether to throw those into the folder, I had to smile.

Since it was Dobie's 30th volume, they'd chosen a bit of a nostalgic theme:

So as I was perusing, having just reviewed thousands of earlier yearbook photos, I thought it would be a fun comparison project, to take a few 1997/8 yearbook photos and juxapose their earlier counterparts.

The 1968 Student Population - 984

1997 was the year the 30 year old tall lockers were exchanged for half and halfs.

1998 & 1968

Same attendance office for 30 years

Coach Shippey has been kneeling down by the pool since 1977

and round tables with students and teachers huddled around stay the same.

They still have research papers to write

although the tech has changed just a bit.

The Band plays on, with a few more players


Band practice is still out in the same sweaty parking lot

and the band still entertains from the stands


& the drum line still has flair 

and Homecoming mums will never die.

The guys still dress up in drag in the gym, although 1998 seems a bit more tame...

The homecoming fashions have changed just a bit

as have the Lariaette uniforms, but they still put on a show at halftime

And at the 1997 homecoming, there was another bit of throwback magic.

from the 1977 yearbook

30 years of banner busting


And over the decades, students are still pushing back against the dress code


Mrs. Woest 1998 and 1971

 even when Dobie went to school uniforms in 1996. 
And some of the same folks are doing the enforcement!

Jerry Speer, 1987 and 1997

Students were still working at Eckerds 


still putting on musicals 


FFA Students are still bringing home Grand Champions 


the brand new mosaic in the hallway in 1986 is still in place

Dobie still marches in the Pasadena Rodeo Parade


The Lariaettes in 1968 numbered 52. 

And 52 in 1998: 

Band uniforms still have ridiculous hats

And choir dresses have changed just a bit

Ms. Wyman is still teaching her Art students

And students are still trying to save the earth


Mr. Parlangeli still going strong

as is Mr. Hulme

look closely at that chap on the back row, far left

he likes that spot with his Latin students

and his Prep Bowl/Decathlon groups. There's Mrs. Haney far left, as well.
1971 & 1998:

cosmetology 1968 and 1998

and I wonder if anyone in 1998 knew whose initials those were on the library walls

car washes, with slightly different cars

the boys still cheer from the stands

and students still hang out on the floor

co-ed Cheer came back!

the cafeteria still hosts teachers and students

Caught sight of this podium that's been around awhile:

Auto-body goes on

and French lessons with headphones

The Letter Jackets have gone from orange with orange sleeves, to orange with white sleeves, to all black. But that couch in the 1998 photo?

Looks pretty familiar!
and since we're here, back in 1980 with Mrs. Rayburn and Mr. Ashby

they're in the 1998 book, too!

While we're on the subject...

Mr. Barnhill was still around

and Mr. Blackwell, since 1975, who is STILL around as of 2016!

Mrs. Borja, since 1980

and Coach Branch, since 1980
and Mrs. Hassinger, since 1980

and Mrs. Walker, since 1970

the Quad with its bricks and columns have seen 30 years of students

And the custodians have been cleaning up their messes, too.

The Lunch Ladies work is never done

C&D Burger Shoppe is still going (as of 2016!)

as is Golf and Games (also as of 2016)

students still pump their gas

and burn bonfires

and while the earliest mascot was pretty quiet
Louie debuted in 1988 and was still on the sidelines in 1998, albeit a bit beefier!

I did have to laugh at the piece on 1998 culture and its reference to "70s" fashion

Not quite . . .


But there was this:


& The Leader is still going (40 years now!)

And these halls are still hallowed, although with Beverly Hills bears.

Some things never do change, at least in our memory.

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  1. What a lot of work! Thanks so much Tori for putting all this together. Love it! Pat Teaster