Thursday, February 18, 2016

Houston's Southeast Side in the 1950s from local yearbook advertising

Culled from Houston area yearbooks, focusing primarily on those on the South and East side, these are a few ads that were ahead of their time, running photos with their advertisements. (Most stuck with the tried and true business card model before the 1960s.)

I tripped over the Houston aerial in the decidedly NOT-SE area Reagan book looking for my father-in-law. 

I tried to keep the captions in place where possible, but since yearbooks tend to create a very washed-out photo, restoring a level of contrast for details meant I sometimes had to crop the frames to get a decent view.

Primarily from Pasadena H.S., Austin H.S., & La Porte H.S. 

Houston aerial found in Reagan H.S. yearbook 1954

street scene found in Lee yearbook 1957

Out in La Porte, which had a striking number of photographs in their advertising section!

La Porte 1959:

La Porte Hardware interior

Pal Pharmacy Interior

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  1. Randalls (the chain) got its start when Robert Onstead started working at Randalls Super Valu in Pasadena in 1954, owned by his father-in-law. Is Golden Acres Super-Valu related to this store?