Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Tour of the Real Dobie with Mr. Golenko

No offense to anyone who came after 2003, but for the first 35 years, Dobie was and, in our collective consciousness, always will be located at 11111 Beamer.

We stopped in today before lunch to get permission to roam around the building while teacher meetings were going on and see how the old building was holding up.

Some places were locked but we managed to see a good bit.

From the 1974 yearbook, here are those same trees 40 years ago. The ones in the foreground now obscure any photo you might try to take of the building from across the street.

From 1972, Mr. Golenko's first year at Dobie

We also located the cornerstone featured in the first yearbook at the Masonic dedication. 

It reads "Leveled by the M.W Grand Lodge of Texas
A.D. 1968   A.L. 5968"


The pines trees are still in place. (Opposite angle from the old yearbook photo.)

Today, and 1974

From 1976:

Once inside, our first stop had to be Room #214 (now renumbered).

Only the yellow stripe remains, littered and pock-marked with thousands of holes, testament to all those posters with all those gold stars for all those years.

All of the cement tile walls have been whitewashed, which makes it look so much brighter
 and less . . . prison-y than when I was there. I had to really search to find a color photo, but yes, they were all once yellowish-green.

The infamous "Math Hall" is now home to history classes for 7th and 8th grade Beverly Hills Bears. Half lockers in beige.

From the 1973 Yearbook:

The Art Hall

The Cafeteria (meetings going on inside)

What was once the library are now the administration offices. You can only enter into the center door to get to the front desk and have to be allowed access into the rest of the building from there.

The initials of the founders are likely lurking underneath the brown covering on the wall.

Bandhall was locked, taken through the door window. Sorry for the glare.

What was the choir room is now orchestra and the choir meets in the added-on portion past the bandhall. 

What was Auto Body Shop is now the library:

What was the DE/VE/Home Ec/Drafting and Vocational Wing is now the Media Hall above the new library. 

The auditorium was dark (needed a key to turn the lights up) and the gyms locked.

The Nurse's Office, however, is exactly where it's always been. 

And the trip down memory lane was exceptional. 


  1. Cool pics Tori! Sad to see the changes, but at least the building appears to be well maintained and is still a functioning school and not the "alternative campus" it was used for after the new school was opened. Also sad to see Beverly Hills Jr. High moved...progress. Brad B.

  2. thanks for the trip down memory lane. so enjoyed it. karen davenport

  3. Just found your blog! I'm loving all these old memories. Class of 75!!!

  4. I probably should try to get before and after pictures of the schools I went to. My own elementary school still has the renovation that it had when I went to school (so it looks the same), though I miss the older, 1960s variant with its concrete floors and its gloomy, dark corridors.

  5. Wow brings back so many memories