Sunday, August 3, 2014

1986 The Road to Green Tee

May 22, 1986

Can't Wait

Motorists have been taking their chances on whether one of the two above new entrances to Green Tee from Scarsdale is passable. Motorists are encouraged not to use the roads as the concrete has not yet settled. The road is expected to be officially open within 30 days.

 . . .

34 days later . . .

June 26, 1986

Green Tee road barricaded . . .

Barricades have gone up along the stretch of Scarsdale Blvd. that connects Sageglen and Green Tee subdivisions. The road has been closed by Ayrshire Developers at the request of County Commissioner El Franco Lee. The road will open when formally accepted by the city of Pearland.

[I'm not sure if that happened by the end of summer, but I do remember it being open by Christmas time. So, not 30 days, but less than 6 months!]

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