Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Endless Wait for the Fuqua Bridge


 July 6, 1989

Fuqua Bridge Stalled

Although the Fuqua bridge at I-45 sits basically finished, South Belt residents must wait out traffic logistic problems between Houston and the state.

No one at either the Texas Department of Highways or the Houston Department of Traffic and Transportation could name an approximate date since both entities claim delays exist because of problems with the other entity. 

August 10, 1989

Gathered on the wast side of the ill fated Fuqua bridge, a number of community leaders and Fuqua business people gathered with Texas Highway Department officials to kick off the opening of all six lanes of the bridge. Weather, contractor problems and Houston building a 96-inch waterline in the same vicinity stalled the opening of he bridge for too long.  

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