Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer 1984: South Belt not a Tollway, But it Won't Be South Belt, either.

Yesterday's post from 1975 discussing this same road is here.

Nearly a decade later . . .  nothing has yet started.

The 20-year plan, adopted in 1977, is, here in 1984, still pretty much yet to even begin the clock.

I remember growing up hearing about this alleged outer loop, but like most everyone else, it was always years away. When it finally did come, the South Belt identity was washed over by the Sam Houston Parkway.

In 1989:

Now Sam Houston
South Belt Identity Lost?

Everyone expected a day of celebration when Beltway 8, between Highway 3 and I-45 finally opened, until the power that be stole South Belt's identity. 

Highway officials plan to open the beltway sometime mid-morning Tuesday, Oct. 25. Officially, South Belt exit is now know as the Sam Houston Parkway exit, much to the displeasure of many area residents and business owners. . .

And a few weeks later, a glimmer of hope that never panned out:

The South Belt was swallowed up and no longer exists as the exit we all knew meant we were home.

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