Monday, June 2, 2014

Sept. 1975 Sagemeadow Girl Falls Into Uncovered Storm Sewer

By Marie Flickinger, NEWS staff

Last Tuesday a Sagemeadow girl was saved from drowning by a Sagemeadow youth after she had fallen through an open manhole into a storm sewer. Theresa Mathison, age (?) was walking home from school after departing the bus. The storm sewer is covered in the middle of the sidewalk and apparently someone had removed the cover. Theresa had her arms full of books and did not see the uncovered storm sewer. She stated that after she fell she "could not get footing on the bottom of the sewer but managed to hold onto the metal rings used for entering and exiting. "I could not get out," stated Teresa, "because the last step was too high. She was hanging on when Mike O'Connor, a Sagemeadow youth, heard her and pulled her to safety.  . . . . [Bureaucratic passing of the buck takes up the second half of the story, legible above.]

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