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July 23, 1987 The South Belt Leader July 30, 1987 The South Belt-Ellington Leader

New newspaper name reflects Ellington's role in area

With this issue (July 30, 1987) the South Belt Leader becomes the South Belt-Ellington Leader.

Recognizing that he Ellington area is "coming into its own," and is in the Leader's coverage area, publishers Marie Flickinger and Bobby Griffin felt it was time to incorporate Ellington into its name.

"People are beginning to recognize the vast economic potential and major role Ellington will play in the economic development of this area," Flickinger said. "Ellington is a separate entity and has its own identity.It was just three years ago that Flickinger and Griffin, then part of a group forming a local chamber of commerce, were staunchly against incorporating Ellington into what was to become the South Belt-Ellington Chamber of Commerce. "It was just wasn't necessary.," Griffin said.

This is the second name change the paper has experienced, and according to Flickinger and Griffin, "we'll retire before we change it again," they said.

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