Saturday, May 17, 2014

1975 Summer Flooding begins

May, 1975 Snakes Trump Keys
The unfortunate owner of this brand new Cadillac just couldn't make it in time. As Barbara Mensah saw the water riding around her car in the carport in the Carriage Park Apartments, 8206 Gulf Freeway, she dan out to move the car to higher ground. In her haste to open the door, she dropped her car keys. Fearing possible snakes in the water, she ran back inside her apartmet to call a wrecker to get the car out. But -- it was too late.

The flooding problem would get worse over the next five years, routinely damaging blocks of homes with just heavy rainfall. Tropical Storms and Hurricanes were, of course, even worse. 

It would be the push by community leaders and the South Belt Leader that would lobby for expensive flood mitigation before the problem would begin to subside, at least in the case of the regular heavy rains, over the course of the 80s. 

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