Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Early 70s PISD Dress Code Protests

The horror: hair past the ears, or sideburns that "flair", or girls in any types of pants or short skirts! How it interferes with their ability to learn! 

And it's all a plot by the Commies and the anti-Christ.

"In Dobie and Rayburn high schools mimeographed letters, signed by Austin D. Watson, past district governor of Rotary International are posted. The letter warns teenagers that the peace symbol is a central emblem of the national symbolism of Communist Russia and was known in medieval times as a crow's feet symbol and those who wear it are supporting the emblem of the anti-Christ."

Much better to suspend a girl for wearing pants under a skirt and daring to think for herself.

Three years later, this eight year old girl was suspended for daring to wear slacks.

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