Thursday, August 28, 2014

8/28/14 Mystery Photo

50's Day
Undated, nothing on the back
 Facebook contributions:

Looks like a lot of class of 83. 

Front Row:
Patty Pantaziz (sp?) seated, first on left?
Therese Johnson second from left, sitting
Beth Banquer in front
Kim Stringfellow Bosworth, front far right, Laura Dusl next to her

Middle Row:
Tanya Stanley, middle row, second from left
Dayna Albert with the cast on her arm
Susan LeCoq, (maybe)third from left standing
Jackie Perry, just right of center
Beth Banquer, Shari Sharp, Steve Carrington standing middle row, far right.  

Back Row:
Bryan Hood back row left
Doug Kauffold, top right
John Frazier, top right

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